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Our customer was hand-applying RTV to pinon covers with inconsistent beads, paths, and material usage. PRP proposed an automated table to apply and inspect the RTV gasketing.

We used an inexpensive Janome XYZ table for this application, along with Keyence vision systems for post-application bead inspection. The table was equipped with full safety protocols that included fencing, light curtains, and a light tower for a "go/no-go" indication after the camera ran its inspection. The table was equipped with a magnetic nest with locating pins to ensure product placement, and a proximity switch that feeds back to the controller to ensure that the part is in its proper place. The operator has a simple cycle start button, and once depressed the gantry dispenses RTV on the pinion cover. The camera automatically takes its inspection pictures and gives the light stack its signal for go or no-go. The part is then presented to the operator to move on to the next process.

With this new process and equipment in place, the customer is seeing a savings in material usage, time, and in defects.

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