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Background and Solution

Customer was currently running a HFR system with a Fusion Air Purge spray gun robotically mounted. They were running roughly at 2600 PSI fluid pressure. As the Fusion gun is a “dumb” gun and not tied to HFR electronically in way, there were slight issues. The gun solenoid was triggered by the gun solenoid. As the gun would end its cycle, the HFR did not respond fast enough to the dead headed pressure when the gun was triggered off. Pressures would ramp up and reach or occasionally exceed the 3000 PSI limit of the HFR causing a shutdown on the system until the pressure was bled off.


Using a standard 3 wire Turck cable we were able to tie into the robot signal to the gun solenoid and bring that signal back to the HFR trigger cable input. We could then run the HFR in Flow Mode versus Pressure Mode alleviating the over pressure alarm.

The end result is that the customer no longer has false alarms and does not need to bleed pressure and restart their system.