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Background and Solution
A customer has a very difficult sealer seam where sealer is required. The difficulty is in the location – on the underside of the car body, about 3 feet long on the rocker area. What complicates this even more, is that the sealer bead requires a skive operation so the sealer won’t interfere with a trim panel installed after paint.

After weeks of development, the perfect shaped sealer tip was developed to run the bead, the shape allowed the operator to stand at a comfortable height and still cover the seam reliably. At the final run off, someone made the observation that you could almost mount a skive tool on the extension and seal and skive all in one pass. So a movable steel bracket was added on which a skive tool could be affixed.

The customer has purchased two of these and continues to refine it. As is of then the case with anything adjustable, different operators have different preferences on how the extension is configured. One of the photos shows how one person has removed the skive mount bracket and replaced the wide sealer tip with a brush. At this point it appears that there will be two or three versions of this extension, leaving the operators happy that they do not have to bend down to look at the underside of the car body any more.