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Old heat exchanger

Old pump cart

Updated cart from front

Updated cart from side


A local automotive plant is using a heated waterborne purge solvent to clean their paint systems. The physical size of the existing pump cart, plus the heat exchanger cart and connection hoses, makes the flushing operation disruptive in the paint mix room.


We offered a more compact solution. We began with a compact, stainless steel heat exchanger that would allow for 200 gallons per minute of flow, and 300psi, which the operation required. We then used a Graco JS33M1 high flow four ball pump. After exploring several cart designs, it was obvious that everyone would not be happy with any one design. The customers’ solution was for PRP to provide a diagram for all required plumbing, and then all components required for assembly. They built the cart frame in house so the design could be approved by all shifts during its construction.


The photos show the new pump is no large than the old pump cart alone. Since the heat exchanger is now hard plumbed, they’ve eliminated (4) 1.5” x 10’ stainless braided hoses strewn across the mix room floor during flushing, along with their associated heat loss. The more compact design and reduction in hoses has resulted in a better heat transfer than before.