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Air Assist


  • MAG II
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    The MAG II Air Assist Airless Spray Gun is designed specifically for superior finishes in the industrial marketplace.  It is a full size, light weight gun ideally suited for multi-gun finishing equipment.  With 3 different types of tips available and the same air caps that are used on our popular Air Assist Airless hand gun, expect an exceptional finish.

    Flat Tip
    : Premium tips for a uniform pattern

    Fine Finish Tip
    : Pre-orifice for best particle distribution

    Twist Tip: Reduces downtime caused by tip clogs


    The MAG II is capable of spraying a large variety of coatings, including UV

    Updates include:

    Lighter weight: MAG II is 30% lighter than MAG AA and MAG UV

    New Robust End Cap:  End cap is reinforced with a stainless steel plate for longer life

    New Spring Assembly:  Spring is retained in cap for easy assembly

    New Mounting Block Screws:  Larger diameter screws resist shearing and stripping, making maintenance easier

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