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  • MACH 1A
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    MACH 1A Automatic: Incorporating some of the best features of our award winning MACH 1 HVLP spray gun: Total control of atomizing air pressure, side port air, fluid flow, and spray patterns in production settings which require automatic equipment.

    Highlighted features:

    Compliance with all government regulations for “high volume, low pressure” spray guns

    Unique HVLP nozzle design for optimum materials atomization

    Stainless steel fluid passages, nozzle and needle make it compatible with waterborne coatings

    Oversize air and fluid control knobs

    Lightweight, rugged, aircraft grade forged aluminum alloy body
    Exceptionally high degree of atomizing capability with a wide range
    of coatings

    This spray gun provides transfer efficiency in compliance with all regulations for air quality as an HVLP air spray gun and meets SCAQMD Rules for HVLP.

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    MAG HVLP Automatic Gun: This unique manifold-mounted gun incorporates proven technologies of HVLP air caps and fluid nozzles. Fluid and air connections, as well as patent pending in-line filter design are located in the manifold, providing quick and easy removal of the gun for periodic maintenance.


    The two-piece design is ideally suited for:  multi-gun finishing equipment: Rotary machines, reciprocators, or fixed chain-on-edge systems located in high production environments.


    Highlighted features:

    Time and material saving advantages

    Modular design for quick and easy replacement

    Cross platform design characteristics with high pressure AA model

    Easily mounts to other gun base configurations

    Superior transfer efficiency

    Reduced overspray

    Lower booth maintenance costs

    Reduced bounce-back

    Longer wear part service life

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