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  • The Binks Trophy Series Spray Guns are designed to provide superior finishes in the industrial marketplace. The Trophy Series Spray Guns feature the rugged construction and dependability that you expect from the Binks brand.  Our designers have emphasized ergonomics and optimized air flow through the guns to improve atomization for maximum transfer efficiency and finish quality with a wide variety of materials. With the right Binks Trophy Series set up, you will be able to spray any material from stain to zinc.

    Application Versatility:
    Sizes - Full Size and Touch Up
    Spray Technologies - HVLP, LVMP (Compliant), Conventional
    Fluid Nozzles and Needle set-ups - Tuff Tip Hardened Stainless Steel Nozzles, Tungsten Carbide, Plastic Tip Needles, and feathering needles
    Available in Pressure Feed, Gravity Feed, and Siphon Feed

    Ergonomic Design:

    Curved handle for increased comfort
    Oversized knobs and air cap ring for easy adjustments and maintenance
    Soft trigger pull for reduced stress and fatigue
    Smooth trigger pull for providing no-kickback during spraying

    Robust Engineering:

    Large stainless steel fluid passages for compatibility with industrial coatings
    Long lasting brass inserts and seals
    Hardened stainless steel fluid nozzles
    Large air passages
    Anodized forged aluminum gun body provides durability

    Product variants available:

    Trophy Air Spray Pressure Feed

    Trophy Air Spray Siphon Feed

    Trophy Air Spray Gravity Feed

  • Model 2100
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    The Model 2100 spray gun is a durable, full sized gun that is comfortable, well balanced, and easy to use. A specially designed grip measurably improves operator control, balance, and spray quality. Supported by the largest selection of air and fluid nozzles in the industry, the model 2100 will spray all conventional coatings, including those with high solids


    Highlighted features:

    Corrosion resistant stainless steel fluid passages designed for waterborne materials

    Curved, ergonomic handle reduces fatigue

    Integrated head has fewer parts for quick repair

    Stainless steel threads won’t cross-thread, increasing life

    High trigger pivot point increases fluid flow capability

    Large pattern sizes increase production rates

    Cheater valve adjusts air at the gun, saving operator time

    Maximum Delivery” air nozzles have better atomization for greater product finish with less material

  • 2100 Spray Gun and Drip-Proof Cup
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    This is outfit 98-2650, consisting of the 2100 Spray Gun and 1 Quart Drip Proof Siphon Cup.

  • 2100 GW Plural Component Spray Gun
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    The 2100GW gun is a lightweight, hand-held, plural component spray gun for spraying limited applications of two-component materials, such gel-coats and polyesters. The spray gun is operated in the conventional manner. The trigger action starts, and stops, spraying both materials simultaneously.


    Highlighted features:

    Built- in air and fluid controls

    Siphon container assembly directly mounted

    Conventional start/stop trigger-action

    Easy ratio adjustment of resin to curative material

  • 2100 Spray Gun, Hoses and 2 Qt. Pressure Cup
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    2100 Conventional Spray Gun, Hoses, 2 Quart Regulated Pressure Cup:


    Highlighted Features:

    2100 Conventional Spray Gun, Hoses, includes:

    2 Quart Regulated Pressure Cup

    5' Air Hose Assembly

    5' Fluid Hose Assembly

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