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  • Vinyl Ester Outfit
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    The Binks B8-D 37:1 ratio cart mount system is a complete pumping system which includes a Binks Century Vinyl Ester Spray Gun, cart, 50 ft. each of air, catalyst and material hose assemblies and a 55 gallon siphon hose assembly.


    Highlighted features:

    External Mix Binks Century HVLP vinyl ester spray gun eliminates flushing

    HVLP complies with many environmental regulations and delivers excellent transfer efficiency

    Dual acting trigger lock

    Catalyst & Resin pump are coupled, which assures accurate volumetric ratio

    Catalyst pump meters catalyst from ratios of 0.5% to 3.5%

    Catalyst Pump ratio bar has etched markings that do not dissolve with solvent exposure

    B8-D 37:1 - 2960 psi pump is capable of supplying 3.4 GPM (12.9 l/m) at 60 cycles/min. of resin

    Ideal for: Vinyl Ester applications requiring .5 to 3.5% catalyst ratio

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