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Plural Component


  • Color Change Valves
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    Robust Manifold Design: Durable, precision-machined manifold offers high quality performance 

    Low and High Pressure Valves
    : Versatile designs meet a broad range of applications


    Large Fluid Porting: 1/4 inch fluid ports provide less restriction and pressure drop
    Dual fluid ports allow circulation capability


    Interchangeable Needles and Seats: Multiple configurations meet the needs of specific material and application requirements.
    Actuation Indicator: Signals valve actuation
    Cartridge Style Valves: Disconnects quickly without removing fluid lines for easier serviceability and less maintenance time

  • ProControl 1KE
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    The ProControl 1KE Advanced Display Control Module is an electronic flow control and fluid monitoring system. Actively manage fluid and air pressure to lock in precise spray parameters. Graco's newest fluid and air management system not only monitors fluids, but also has added controls to manage fluids and improve spray performance.


    Highlighted features:
    Manages fluid pressure or flow rate and fan air
    Shows real-time fluid flow rate

    Track and monitor flow rates and paint usage for environmental and cost management
    Displays a resettable batch totalizer
    Easy-to-read display is backlit for low light conditions
    Monitors and reports overall fluid use
    Set system alarms to ensure consist processes and quality

    Alarms if the flow rate is too fast or too slow for the user-set targets

    Alarms when the maintenance total is reached for the user-set target
    Displays a log of the last 20 alarms

    Durable cover design resists impacts and harsh material

    Lock flow settings- give authorized users a PIN Code ensuring consistent performance

    Pressure transducer supplies feedback on outbound fluid pressure for accurate results

  • ProControl 1KS
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    The ProControl 1KS is an electronic flow control and color change system, for use with most solvent and waterborne epoxy, polyurethane, and acid-catalyzed paints. It is not for use with “quick-setting” paints (those with a pot-life of less than 15 minutes). Closed loop flow control system eliminates excess material applied to the part for increased material savings. It ensures consistent flow rates and allows for better process control. Use with Graco's 2KS plural component proportioner for integrated color change in your automatic applications.


    Highlighted features:
    Single component flow control: Fast step change less than 200msec for better process control
    Maintains flow rates from 20 to 1,200 cc/min
    Integrated flushing: Air and solvent chop minimizes material waste

    Optional color change modules: Easily handles up to 30 colors
    Flexible installation: Intrinsically safe components
    Compatible with solvent and waterborne materials
    Convenient interfaces for PLC controls

  • ProDispense System
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    ProDispense System: Electronic Preset Dispense System- Accurately and quickly dispenses preset amounts of oil, grease and water.


    ProDispense fills cavities with oil, grease or water in assembly line environments where accurate dispensing is essential. ProDispense can deliver up to three different fluids at multiple dispense points, and accurately measures flow with meters. Controller totalizers use the meter flow readings to calculate fluid volume and usage and display the information on the screen.


    Highlighted features:

    250 recipes

    Reporting capability tracks volume and usage

    Return on investment assures that ProDispense quickly pays for itself

    Easy to operate

    Manual or automatic dispenses

    Choice of Recipe Dispense or Fluid Dispense

  • ProMix 2KE
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    ProMix 2KE Proportioners: Compact, entry-level proportioner available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies.


    Available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies, ProMix 2KE makes plural component finishing EASY


    Highlighted features:

    Designed for multi-color, two component, in-booth applications

    Choose between pump-based or meter-based plural component systems

    Stay on ratio w/in predefined tolerance limits, down to ±1% (meter version) & ±2% (pump version)

    Off-ratio material will not reach your product – eliminating expensive re-work

    Easy to service cartridge style fluid valves

    Ability to program maintenance reminders


    LCD Display

    Mounts up to 10 feet away with standard cable

    Simple operation functions: standby, spray, purge and flushing

    Displays mix ratio, pot life time(s), and material flow rate

    Easy to change colors on meter units

    Material use screen for tracking costs and creating environmental reports

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