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Automatic Spray Guns


  • SATA LPS RB 2000 RP, SATA LPS R 2000
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    SATA® LPS™ RB 2000 RP™, SATA® LPS™ R 2000: Automatic marking spray gun- To apply large amounts of material and with extensions of up to 3m and substantial range of accessories for various paint applications, such as markings or internal coatings of tubes. Suitable for use with semi- and fully automatic spray systems.


    Highlighted features:

    High profitability due to RP™ technology– low inlet pressure for little overspray
    VOC- compliant transfer efficiency

    Fine atomization for perfect finishes

    Nozzle sizes ranging from 0.8- 5.0 allow the application of most sprayable material

    100 % hand-adjusted nozzle sets provide continuously high, proven SATA quality

    The sturdy air caps are made of brass (not aluminum) and ensure a long lifetime

    Suitable for Waterborne Paints
    Paint needles and fluid tips are made of stainless steel

    Spray gun body is thoroughly anodized

    Self-adjusting air/material sealings & long lifetimes significantly reduce maintenance

    With the continuous round/flat spray control, the fan can be adjusted to any object

  • SATAjet 1000 A RP
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    SATAjet® 1000 A™ RP®: Pressure fed high performance spray gun is designed for use on half and full-automatic spray robot units of all sizes. Its variable nozzle system, high level of technical know- how, low weight and compact size means that this gun is particularly well suited to such applications.


    Highlighted features:

    For the use on painting automats

    Efficient in optimized RP high pressure technology

    Extremely high Transfer Efficiency

    Suitable for paint jobs where high application speed is required

    Manual adjustment of round and flat fan with the adjustment screw

    Adjustable material flow rate which can be also reproduced with the help of a detent


    *To ensure a trouble-free manufacturing process, for example during maintenance and cleaning breaks, various quick change adapters are available


    *To reproduce atomization parameters, special test air caps are available

  • Highest profitability - SATA HVLP technology ensures transfer efficiencies considerably above the 65 % required by VOC legislation


    Finest atomization and a top-class finish are ensured by the high air volume. The slight additional cost for compressed air; compared to a conventional high pressure gun, are considerably exceeded by the material savings. Even with the latest generation of High Solid materials, excellent atomization quality is achieved


    The patented air circulation principle provides an especially homogeneous and soft fan


    The wide fan, high material flow rates and low weight allow swift work of the automatic system or robot


    100 % hand checked nozzle sets ensure consistently high, well-known SATA quality - for complete guns as well as spare nozzle sets


    The durable air caps are made of brass (not of aluminum), therefore ensuring a long lifetime


    Rapid air cap change with the SATA Quick Change System™ (only 1.5 turns)


    Suitable for water-borne materials - paint needle and nozzle are made of stainless steel, and the gun body features thorough anodizing


    Self-adjusting air and material packings with long lifetimes considerably reduce service efforts


    The carefully anodized gun surface and the Quick Change System reduce cleaning efforts as well


    The infinitely variable round / flat spray control allows adjusting the fan to all sorts of objects


    Product variants available:


    SATAjet 3000 A HVLP

    SATAjet 3000 A RP

    SATAjet 3000 ROB HVLP

    SATAjet 3000 ROB RP

    SATAminijet 3000 A HVLP

    SATAjet 3000 A Spray Mix

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