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Fluid Mixers


  • Agitator Speed Controller
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    Agitator Speed Controller: Automatic Speed Controller for Air Drive Agitators. Graco’s Agitator Speed Controller installs in minutes to pneumatic agitators, enabling a consistent agitator output speed, as drum levels change. The controller prevents over-agitation of shear sensitive materials and reduces air consumption.


    Highlighted Features:

    Quick install, requires less than 1 minute to setup

    Prevents over agitation for shear sensitive and waterborne materials

    Saves energy by limiting agitator over speeding

    Prevents motor over speeding, extending lifetime


    Compatible with the following types of Graco agitators: In-Drum Back-Geared/ Heavy Duty Back-Geared/ Expanding Blade Agitator/ Twistork


    Compatible with most competitive agitators powered by the following air motors: GAST Model 2AM Air Motor/ GAST Model 4AM Air Motor

  • Aluminum Non-ASME Pressure Tanks
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    Aluminum Non-ASME Pressure Tanks: Air Spray and HVLP Supply System: 2-1/2 gallon tank size ideal for small batches and special color applications. Graco's lightweight, aluminum, pressure tanks are portability and feature a pressure relief valve, convenient fluid outlet location and quick lock clamps.


    Highlighted Features:

    2-1/2 gallon (9.5 l) size ideal for small batches and special color applications

    Polyethylene tank liners available for quick color change and easy clean-up

    Ideal for infrequent or build to order production

    Inexpensive, flexible, and easily upgraded to add functionality compared to other systems

    Requires minimal repair and maintenance, resulting in lower long term expense

    Accurate pressure control, especially at low pressures

  • Expanding Blade Agitator
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    Expanding Blade Agitator Air: Driven Expanding Blade Bung-Mounted Agitators- Quick installation agitator for sealed containers. Graco's expanding blade agitators are engineered for quick installation and operation. The standard 1.5 and 2 inch threaded housing makes installation and operation as simple as threading on the agitator and adjusting the speed to the desired rate.


    Highlighted Features:

    SST construction

    Standard 1.5 and 2 inch bung connections

    Adjustable blades for positioning within the tank

    Simple screw in installation

    Includes angle adapter


    Ordering Information:

    Part Number: 24C728- Low Viscosity, 1 HP Motor Size

    Part Number: 24C729- High Viscosity, 1.75 HP Motor Size

  • Heavy Duty Back Geared Drum Agitator
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    Heavy Duty Back Geared Drum Agitators: Agitator Assemblies for Open Drums and Tanks. Stainles steel agitator and cover for corrosion resistance and waterborne compatibility.


    Highlighted Features:

    Ideal for high viscosity materials

    Leak-free and oil-less gearbox prevents material contamination

    Twin paddles thoroughly mix finishing materials

    Siphon option allows material transfer though agitator shaft

    Elevator safely and easily lifts agitator in and out of paint drum, reducing injuries and spills

    Sample and inspect material during operation using the access port

  • Twistork Agitators
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    Twistork Agitators: Sealed Agitator Drive Prevents Material Contamination and Evaporation.

    Reduce volatile fluid evaporation while maintaining the purity of sealed drum contents

    Helix blade easily mixes high viscosity materials. (Available in Husky and Closed-Drum models)


    All Twistork Models feature:

    Mounts directly to 2 inch drum bung

    Stainless and carbon steel material options

    Siphon model allows material transfer through agitator shaft

    Sealed agitator drive prevents material contamination and evaporation

    ATEX approval for hazardous locations

    Ideal for mixing higher viscosity fluids


    Husky Twistork Agitator: Fluid transfer package mixes most paints, resins, urethanes, epoxies and latex materials up to 1000 cps. Gentle whipfree mixing action reduces degradation and splashing

    This closed system prevents evaporation, reducing VOC emissions. This helps maintain the purity of the material in the drum - simplifying drum agitation, plus improving efficiency and quality.


    Highlighted Features:

    Available with acetal or polypropylene Husky 515 diaphragm pump

    Quiet, versatile pump connected to agitator lifts solids from bottom of tank and mixes while maintaining suspension

    Mix paint, resins, urethanesm epoxies and latex materials up to 1000 cps


    Closed-Drum Twistork Agitators: Graco's Twistork Helix Mixer is designed with patented, helix-shaped mixing blades. Its gentle mixing action reduces fluid degradation and splashing compared to propeller blades.


    Highlighted Featuers:


    Heavy-duty and durable

    Features lube-free assembly to eliminate fluid contamination

    Helix-shaped mixing blades are threaded through a closed-head drum's standard bung opening

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