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Closed Loop Controllers


  • EMO-3000 Multi-Channel Flow Computer
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    The EMO-3000 Multi‐Channel Flow Computer is a versatile and expandable controller and monitor in one. For use in tracking as many as 12 operations, the device can display all 1-12 channels on the (optional) screen at one time. Four alarm limits can be programmed for each channel indicating rate, total, or ratio conditions.The EMO-3000 helps maintain a steady flow rate and monitors quantities. When programmed for closed‐loop feedback, the device reveals rate deviations, which can lead to fewer re‐works and reduced labor and material costs.

    Features include:

    Standard unit will hold 4 channels, expandable to 12 channels

    Ratio function allows the display of flow rate A, flow rate B and ratio A/B up to 12 channels

    Program each channel as a flow monitor or as a closed loop controller

    Program 4 alarm limits for each channel to indicate rate, total, or ratio conditions

    Choose and display over 30 different engineering units

    Self‐teaching memory retains previous values

    RS-232 or RS-485 Serial I/O interface allows for remote data collection, programming, and PLC interface allowing for multi‐unit interfacing

  • EMO-500 Two-Component Ratio Monitor
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    The EMO-500 is a two signal component ratio monitor designed for use in steady or pulsing flow streams. Signals from two flow meters can be displayed as independant flow rates or totals, or as an A/B, A + B or A - B relationship. In ratio mode, a programmable ideal ratio is compared to the actual ratio, and off ratio conditions are indicated via one of the four limit relays. These relays can be used to operate audible or visual alarms, or to terminate pump operation.

    Features include:

    Seven different totalizers for record keeping and reports

    Nine programmable units of measure

    Net consumption display

    “Ready-to-Hardwire” function controls allow for remote resets, operation of displays, and Quick/Full Programming

    Four programmable relay switched limits for warnings, alarms, or automatic shut-down control

    RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports

    Analog outputs (4 - 20mA) and (0 - 5V)

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