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Local Flow Monitors


  • Battery-Powered Local Flow Rate Transmitter
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    The battery‐powered RT‐10 has a large, six‐digit LCD display that continuously shows either the flow rate or total in any engineering units. Program rate, total, reset, sleep mode, or time using buttons when the protective blue cover is open, or with a magnet wand when the cover is closed. You can also reset the totalizer, and monitor flow rate limits and total output remotely via a computer or PLC. The unit’s battery lasts as long as 4 years and is replaceable on‐site. A variety of sensor options make the RT‐10 flow monitor compatible with most meters available from AW Gear Meters, including the JV and HPM series positive displacement flow meters, and the TW, TRG and THM turbine meters. (Not compatible with the JVHS, JV‐01, JV10 or JV‐12 flow meters.)

    *Options include a loop‐powered 4‐20 mA rate output, fiber‐optic input, and a scaled fiber‐optic frequency

    Features include:

    Gate time function

    Real‐time clock display

    Reverts to sleep mode to conserve battery

    “Sleep” and “Lo Battery” indicators

    4‐20 mA loop power output

    Displays Total and Rate values in engineering units such as cc’s, ounces or gallons

    Easy programming using Up, Down and Enter functions

    Automatically updates and stores totals in memory every 24 hours

  • The RT-30EX is an Explosion-Proof Local Flow Rate Digital Transmitter housed in an epoxy painted aluminum instrument enclosure you can program with the housing cover removed, enter information using the 4 pushbuttons or with the housing cover closed, hold the attached magnet wand against the side of the cover to activate hall switches located on the internal circuit board. Ideal for any industry or flow measurement application where an explosion-proof local rate & total display is required, such as in offshore chemical injection, hydraulic fracturing, or industrial paint spray booths. The unit’s graphical, backlighted LCD display makes it easy to monitor flow rate and total in user selectable engineering units. The sensor used with the unit will mount on many meter models  modified for use with the 3/8” NPT sensor mounting thread. Meter model available are the JVM, JVS, JVHS and ZHM gear meters and HM high pressure turbines.

    (*Non-Explosion Proof available. Click on Explosion-Proof to see variants)

    Features include:

    CSA/CUS Explosion-proof certification for use in hazardous areas in US and Canada:
    This transmitter has been certified by CSA as “explosion-proof” and rated for use in hazardous areas.
    (Class I, Div. 1 Groups C & D; Class II, Div. 1 Groups E, F, G; Class III) for US and Canadian use.

    Can reset the totalizer & monitor flow rate limits & total output remotely via a computer/PLC

    Options for remote flow monitoring: Frequency pulse output/ 4-20mA, user scalable/ HART communication protocol

    Can be mounted remotely when used with the HUB-40EX sensor

    NEMA 4X weather-proof enclosure

    Built-in 30-point linearization

    Easy thread-in installation

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