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Remote Flow Monitor


  • Dispensing Volume Verification
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    The DVV Dispense Volume Verification system is a fully automatic dispense monitor. It compares the dispensed volume to a programmed minimum and maximum volume limit, and indicates pass or fail with a tower light and audible alarm. A large, backlighted LCD graphic display provides an easy-to-read indication of the dispensed total or flow rate in user-programmed engineering units.


  • MX9000 Process Monitor
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    The MX 9000 Flow Monitor is a versatile, multi-functional device that helps you track rate, flow, limit, ratio, and other variables, ideal for any industrial flow measurement application. The unit’s multicolor back-lighted LCD display is easy-to-read with up to 22 different display modes available, depending on model. The standard unit is one channel, but the optional two-channel version allows you to monitor dual flows and display them in a number of ways:

    separately, as a sum (for example in total material use), as a difference (as in fuel consumption), or as a ratio of product A/product B. You can also use the MX 9000 to detect bi-directional flow when A and B channel signals are available from a single flow meter. Other capabilities include the capacity to monitor data and program the unit remotely. Four model variations give the MX 9000 the capability of performing limit, warning and alarm duties and batching.

    Features include:

    Two programmable Form C Relay outputs (optional)

    Up to two assignable 4-20 mA output (optional)

    Large, easy-to-read LCD display with multicolor backlight to indicate out-of-limit or error conditions

    Single or dual channel models

    Ratio monitor version available

    On screen prompts with entry error checks simplify programming

    Batch controller version

    Serial communication via USB-B

    Rate, total, limit, batch and ratio options

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