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  • Case Drain Monitor
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    Case Drain Monitor for 1/2"- 1" Pipe Sizes- Style C- Lakes Case Drain Monitor is an affordable option to using a standard flow meter for case drain applications.

    OFFERS A FLOW MEASURE ACCURACY- 5% of range that can help confirm pump performance, identify required maintenance and reduce costly MRO down-time associated with unpredictable pump failure.

    DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENT ORIENTATION- vertical, horizontal and inverted installation, the monitor has a sealed window tube that makes it ideal for outdoor/exposed applications and where wash-downs may be required.

    DURABLE- aluminum construction makes it ideal for outdoor/exposed applications and where frequent wash-downs are required.

    REVERSE FLOW OPTION AVAILABLE- Built-in reverse bypass mechanism prevents potential damage from mis-installation or backflow.

    Lake backs its Case Drain Monitors with a 1 Year Warranty!

  • Clearview Flow Meter
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    ClearView Value Flow Meter- Polycarbonate body (ClearView H20) or Polysulphone body (ClearView+). Economical way to monitor municipal pressure water flows, observe case drain flows and verify pump outputs.

    UNRESTRICTED MOUNTING- Allows for horizontal, vertical or inverted installation of the meter.

    COMPACT AND RUGGED DESIGN- Measures less than 8-1/4" long and 2-7/16" diameter with a rigid tube and union nut design.

    VISUAL INSPECTION OF FLUID- The transparent body allows for visual inspection of fluid conditions. Diagnose problems at a glance.

    MULTIPLE MATERIALS AND CALIBRATIONS AVAILABLE- With a variety of wetted materials of construction and media calibrations, the ClearView will be well suited to your process.

    SENSING METHOD ASSURES ACCURACY- The proven variable-area piston metering assembly provides accurate, dependable flow rate indication.

    SUPERIOR READABILITY- High contrast scale/indicator provides easy-to-read flow rate measuring resolution along with dual units of GPM and LPM.

    MULTIPLE PORTING OPTIONS- ClearView end ports are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and threading options, to simplify installation.

    LOW COST PRECISION- Measuring accuracy of 5% of range and repeatability of 1%.

  • Flow Meter Alarms
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    Flow Meter Alarms for 1/4" - 2" Pipe Sizes- Style M & N- Utilized in applications such as mobile hydraulic equipment and industrial process control, ensures sufficient flows of coolants and lubricants.

    UL-APPROVED- Lake Flow Alarms are UL Approved for loads up to 10 amp @ 110/220 VAC.

    FIELD ADJUSTABLE ALARM SETTING- Only an allen wrench is required to change the flow alarm setting.

    WEATHER-TIGHT CONSTRUCTION- Rugged cast aluminum NEMA type 4X enclosure allows installation in outdoor applications and in environments where liquid tight seals are required.

    SIMPLE ON/OFF LOGIC- Positive alarm points using 10 A., dry-contact, SPDT switches reduce the complexity found in standard rotameter OFF/ON/OFF circuits.

    PRE-WIRED WITH CABLE DISCONNECT- The standard Hirschmann interconnection provides easy installation and maintenance of the FLOW ALARM and the system it is a part of.

    UNRESTRICTED MOUNTING- Allows the designer to install the monitor in any orientation-horizontal, vertical or inverted.

    ECONOMICAL PROTECTION- This monitor rapidly pays for itself as it sounds the alarm on incorrect pneumatic, lubrication or cooling volumes, protecting expensive equipment and reducing downtime.

    QUALITY ASSURANCE- Can be an integral part of a quality control system, yielding consistent system operation.

  • Flow Meter Transmitters
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    Flow Meter Transmitters for 1/4" - 2" Pipe Size-s Style R- Flow Transmitters Ideal for batching, industrial process control, mobile hydraulic equipment and computer/PLC-controlled hydraulic system monitoring applications.

    SIMPLE TO INSTALL- All transmitters are factory calibrated and ship fully assembled. Simply install the transmitter into your system and apply power.

    INDUSTRY STANDARD OUTPUTS- Transmitters provide proportional analog outputs of 4-20mA, 0-5 Vdc and 1-5 Vdc1, and 20-2000 Hz square-wave pulse. These outputs will drive popular data acquisition devices, meters and analog input cards.

    DIRECT READING- All transmitters provide a visual indication of flow rate proportional to the transmitted output.

    WEATHER-TIGHT CONSTRUCTION- The rugged cast aluminum NEMA type 4X enclosure allows installation in outdoor applications and in environments where liquid tight seals are required.

    RUGGED AND RELIABLE- Without delicate internal components to break, abrade or corrode, the Lake flow transmitter will provide many years of low-maintenance service.

    COMPATIBLE WITH LAKE MONITORS R/T100 AND R100 FLOW ANALYZERS- The Lake flow rate transmitter combines with these Lake analyzers to make a powerful flow instrument capable of remote monitoring of rate and total flows.

    *The 1-5Vdc output requires an external 249 ohm resistor (not included with transmitter) to be wired at the receiving device*

  • FreeFlow Sensor
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    FreeFlow Sensor for 3/8"- 3/4" Pipe Sizes- Style FF- Used to monitor and control process water.

    ACCURATE & ECONOMIC FLOW SENSOR- Minimally invasive, low cost segmented wedge flow sensor.

    NO MOVING PARTS- The segmented wedge element provides a simple and reliable restriction for sensing flow as related to pressure differential

    UNRESTRICTED MOUNTING- Allows the designer to install the meter in any orientation – horizontal, vertical or inverted.

    COMPACT AND RUGGED DESIGN- Measures less than 10" long and 3-1/2" wide, with a flanged mounting base for simple installation.

    MULTIPLE FLOW RANGES AVAILABLE- The FreeFlow Sensor is offered with several ranges of calibration to accommodate the requirements typical to process water applications.

    MULTIPLE PORT SIZES- Standard selection of NPT ports reduces the amount of adapters required for installation.

    LOW-COST PRECISION- Measuring accuracy of ±2% of range and repeatability of ±1/2%.

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