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TRICOR Coriolis Technology

When you combine decades of experience with truly unique talents, great things happen. TRICOR Coriolis Technology may be a new name on the scene, but our engineers have been intimately involved with the development and evolution of Coriolis flow instrumentation since the beginning. In fact, many of the critical patents for Coriolis technology bear our engineers' names. Our promise to you is that we will deliver high quality Coriolis flow measurement technology, supported by the very experts who crafted the original technology.


  • Transmitters
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    Display Graphic 132 x 32 dot
    Supply voltage 24 VDC, 20%, option 110 VAC \
    Programming via front keyboard
    Interface RS 485, option HART, option Foundation Fieldbus
    EMC according to EN 50 081-2 and EN 50 082-2
    Power Consumption max. 4W

    Explosion-proof Housing
    Dimensions see data sheet
    Connections internal clamp terminals, 1/2" female NPT cable gland
    Material aluminum diecast
    Protection class IP 67
    Weight approx. 2kg
    Temperature operation: -20 to 50*C, storage & transport: -20 to 70*C

    Panel-mounted housing
    Dimensions 96 x 96 x 83 mm (h x w x d)
    Connections rear clamp terminals
    Material Noryl
    Protection class front: IP 40, rear: IP 30
    Weight approx 500g
    Temperature operation: 0 to 50*C storage & transport: -20 to 70*C

    Analog Outputs
    Two current outputs 4-20mA passive, two-wire isolated
    Resolution 14 bit
    Linearity 0.05% of full scale
    Temperature drift 0.05% per 10K
    Load < 800 Ohms
    Output value programmable: flow, total, density, temperature

    Pulse Output
    Frequency range 0.5-10,000 Hz
    Output signal active push-pull output of flow rate or cycle output

    Status In- and Output
    Status output programmable (push pull)
    Control input programmable

  • Batch Processor
    Call for pricing

    The TRICOR Coriolis Batch Processor features a proprietary digital processing system that allows accurate flow measurement for up to 20 pre-programmed individual batch sizes, including two-phase flow. This processor perfectly complements the TRICOR Coriolis product line for precise batching applications.

    Field Applications:
    Automotive paint lines
    Food processing applications
    Chemical processing
    Industrial equipment manufacturing
    Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    Beverage processing

    Batch Controller Features:
    Up to 20 pre-programmed individual batch sizes
    Two sets of relay contacts for controlling external equipment and may be set for slow/fast/slow flow to fine tune batch overflow/underflow and minimize water hammer on piping
    Loop-powered analog output pre-wired and ready to use from factory
    Batch controller uses frequenfcy output from TRICOR transmitter, so no complicated formulas for deriving K-Factor input needed
    Key-locked programming access
    Convenient remote batch start/stop access
    Dedicated internal 24VDC power supply - clean, self-contained power for electronics

    Industrial Enclosure:
    External TRICOR meter cable connection features convenient D-sub 9-pin connector
    Convenient front panel switches to control all batch controller functions
    External ON/OFF switch and power indicator LED
    Can be configured with optional alarms and/or indicator lights
    Additional AC power fuse for protection from external voltage spikes above batch controller and TRICOR transmitter fuses
    Enclosure and electronics fully grounded - External grounding lug allows for easy attachment to existing facility earth grounding systems
    Externally AC powered: uses standard 100-240VAC power (no special power requirements)
    Integral mounting bracket for easy installation

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