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  • Dura-Flo and Xtreme Piston Pumps
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    Graco’s Xtreme and Dura-Flo pumps with NXT technology provide positive displacement and the 2-ball design provides uniform and easy to control delivery. Ideal for supply applications, these durable pumps feature an NXT motor and can now achieve an even higher range of pressures without compromising flow.,

    Features include:

    Positive displacement, 2 ball piston design provides uniform and easily controlled delivery

    High pump pressure and flow performance to handle a broad range of paints and coatings

    Improved serviceability with fewer parts, faster repairs and lower ownership cost

    Monitors and protects your pump with DataTrak

  • E-Flo 4-Ball Piston Pumps
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    The dual lower of the E-Flo 4-Ball electric circulating pump minimizes pressure changes at the outlet of the pump. Online maintenance simplifies repair and reduces downtime. Accomplish remote monitoring of performance via computer or PLC for a higher degree of control.

    Features include

    Online maintenance simplifies repair and reduces downtime

    3 times more efficient than pneumatics

    Process control and feedback

    Slow smooth change overs

    Low noise

    Enclosed wet- cup minimizes operator interaction for reduced maintenance

  • E-Flo DC 4-Ball Piston Pump
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    Our E-Flo DC (Dual Control) is an electric circulating pump that can maintain either a constant pressure or a constant flow rate. This pump has been found to be up to five times more efficient than similar sized pneumatic pumps, which helps to lower your energy bill and save you money.

    Features include:

    5x more efficient compared to similar sized pneumatic pumps

    Minimal pulsation at changeover provides a more consistent finish

    Integrated runaway protection protects your pump from premature wear and prevents costly material loss

    Basic model has two simple control knobs to easily adjust pump settings

    Advanced model lets you easily connect and manage multiple pumps with a single control module

    Quiet electric motor improves your work environment allowing you to remain near the pump for longer periods of time

  • High-Flo 4-Ball Piston Pump
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    High-Flo 4-Ball Piston Pumps. Pneumatic High-Flo Pumps with NXT Technology. Gracos positive displacement, 4-ball piston design keeps you up and running longer, and gives you the performance you have come to expect from Graco pumps!
    Features include:

    Positive displacement, 4-ball piston design provides high output per cycle to reduce pump wear and maintenance
    Modular design for easier maintenance

    Rugged body armor, wont rust or dent

    De-icing controls eliminate stalling

    Optional DataTrak monitors and protects your pump

    Enclosed wet- cup minimizes operator interaction for reduced maintenance

  • Merkur Bellows Piston Pumps
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    Merkur Bellow Piston Pumps- Improved bellows plunger seal design eliminates throat seal leakage and lubrication. Graco’s bellows pumps provide low maintenance with no seals exposed to the atmosphere. These pumps are designed to eliminate conventional throat seals, providing high reliability for moisture-sensitive materials.

    Features include:

    Highest technology air motor on the market

    Low air consumption for increased efficiency

    Simple air motor design and minimal parts reduces repair time

    Easy-to-flush design allows for fast color changes and reduced material waste

    300 series stainless steel pump construction provides long-lasting durability

    Fewer parts and online replacement bellows seal means improved serviceability, lower cost of ownership and reduced downtime

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