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  • 1K Ultra-Lite
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    1K Ultra-Lite- Precision Dispense Valve for precise bead dispensing of sealants and adhesives. The
    1K Ultra-Lite valves are top-of-the-line, lightweight, compact valves designed for long service.

    Features include:

    Manual and automatic versions available

    Lubricated packings for longer seal life

    Severe-Duty needle and seat

    Eliminates snake-head and material drip

    Adjustable forward travel to reduce material surge

  • AMV
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    AMV- Automatic Metering Valve- provides accurate dispensing on a repetitive basis. When you need to deposit a precise amount of adhesive, choose from the wide variety of Automatic Metering Valve models and sizes.

    Features include:

    Air-operated, single-acting metered shot valve

    Dispenses up to 60 shots per minute or more

    Change shot size (0.2 - 4.0 cc) quickly and easily

    Special snuffer action prevents dripping

    Numerous models to select from

  • Dispensit 1095 Valve
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    The Dispensit 1095 is a positive displacement, controlled-flow metering rod valve, designed to produce precise beads of materials of nearly any viscosity.

    Features include:

    Controlled flow positive displacing metering valve

    Simple control

    Precision hydraulic flow control

    Ideal for dispensing high-viscosity gasketing materials

    Delivers uniform beads

  • Dispensit 1206 Valve
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    Dispensit 1206 Valve- Precision Dispense Valve. Positive displacement metering rod valves for precision dispensing

    Features include:

    Positive displacement metering

    Calibrated stroke adjustment

    Repeatable shot-to-shot volumetric displacement

    Accurate and resettable shot size selection

    Positive material shutoff

  • Dispensit 1230 Valve
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    Dispensit 1230 Valve- Precision Dispense Valve- modular rod positive displacement dispense valve is ideal for the following: corrosive fluxes, lubricants, anaerobics, acrylics, epoxies, filled materials, lubricating oils, greases, heat sink compounds, silicones, and UV curables.

    Features include:

    Positive displacement metering

    Plastic or stainless steel metering rod construction

    Diaphragm outlet check

    Repeatable shot-to-shot volumetric displacement

    Insensitive to changes in material viscosity

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