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Air Spray


  • AGX Automatic
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    AGX Automatic Spray Gun is built to withstand the rigors of high-speed production lines and harsh finishing conditions, and is engineered for rugged reliability. The AGX Automatic Spray Gun is used on automatic and semi-automatic machines where mass production spraying of articles is necessary or hand spraying is not accurate enough.


    Highlighted features:

    Designed for use with industrial robots, reciprocators and stationary mounting

    Compact size allows mounting in tight areas

    Simplified gun design for greater reliability and ease of maintenance

    Detachable spray head for fast needle packing replacement


    *May be used with chlorinated solvents. Aluminum is not used in fluid passages. If using chlorinated solvents, make sure all other fluid handling components are also compatible*

  • Compact Automatic "I"
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    The DeVilbiss Compact Automatic "I"

    Highlighted features

    Wide range of air caps

    Removable stainless steel spray head for fast and easy maintenance

    Control of spray performance and fluid flow is unequalled with the fluid adjusting knob

    Stainless steel passages (for waterborne and solvent based materials)

    Independent fan, atomizing and triggering air, vital for robotic and automatic spray machine applications

    Indexing air cap for consistent reproduction of spray pattern

  • Compact Automatic "X"
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    The DeVilbiss Compact Automatic "X" has all the features of the Compact Automatic "I" plus fast and easy removal from the mounting block:

    Highlighted features:

    No tools required for detachment, has a ΒΌ turn Quick detachable manifold, so to reduce maintenance & set up time

    Recirculating and non-recirculating gun head-- all in one

    Fixed gun positioning

    Small foot print
    Needle adjustment knob has 18 ratchet positions

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