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Conventional Spray Guns


  • AirPro AirSpray
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    The AirPro AirSpray Gun delivers exceptional spray performance while addressing your environmental and operator concerns - whether you’re a custom shop or a high volume manufacturing facility.

    Ideal for: automotive, general metal, wood, waterborne, high wear and adhesive applications.

    Highlighted features include:

    Even material distribution through the spray pattern for optimum coverage
    Improved transfer efficiency  and uniform air flow through reduced air consumption
    Enhanced atomization through material-specific aircaps
    Balanced & lightweight (410 gm) gun makes it easier to spray at a steady rate all day
    Ultra-light trigger pull reduces operator muscle stress
    Ergonomic gun handle provides a comfortable grip
    Rounded control knobs for operator comfort
    Optimize spray performance with our cutting edge aircap and nozzle design
    Choose from a wide range of gun models to meet the needs of your specific application

  • Finex AirSpray
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    Finex Air Spray Gun: Well- balanced and lightweight, Ergonomic Air Spray Gun- Affordable pressure and gravity feed guns for touchup jobs or large jobs


    Highlighted features:

    Aircaps optimized for high quality spray performance

    Lightweight, ergonomic gun

    Lightest trigger pull in its category

    Integrated air inlet adjustment

    Available in a wide variety of needle/nozzle sizes


    *Available in either Pressure Feed or Gravity Feed guns options and HVLP or Conventional technologies

  • Finex Side Cup Gravity AirSpray
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    Finex Side Cup Gravity Air Spray Guns: Lightweight, Ergonomic Air Spray Gun- Easily spray small spaces and corners with the Finex gravity feed gun with swivel cup.


    Ideal for: end users spraying in tight spaces

    Highlighted features:

    Aluminum cup is included with the gun

    Cup swivels for spraying in small spaces

    Light trigger pull for operator comfort

    Aircaps optimized for high quality spray performance

    Integrated air inlet adjustment (cheater) valve


    * Available in either HVLP or conventional technologies

  • G15 and G40 Air-Assisted
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    G15 and G40 Air-Assisted Spray Guns: Improve transfer efficiency and material usage with this operator-friendly manual spray gun. Designed to maximize efficiency and quality, G15 and G40 air-assist spray guns use the highest quality components for long lasting reliable performance. The AAF tip line is designed for soft spray and improved transfer efficiency.


    Ideal for: wood products and general metal applications


    Highlighted features:

    High quality air-assisted spraying in a variety of applications

    All tips have a ring to retain the tip in the aircap

    Designed to minimize wear of replacement parts

    Improving transfer efficiency and material usage

    Trigger pull force is ultra-light, reducing operator fatigue and muscle stress

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