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Turbidity Sensor


  • ProScan Turbidity Sensor
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    The ProScan Turbidity Sensor is an in-line optical sensor and the ideal turbidity sensor for detection of product transitions, monitoring turbidity and measuring product concentration, such as in dairy processing, brewing and juice processing. The ProScan signal can be used to switch valves and direct the liquid stream to the filler, recirculate it or divert to drain. ProScan is also a valuable tool to control CIP prerinse cycles and maximize product recovery. The simple NIR sensor helps processors recover as much product as possible before initiating cleaning and helps to ensure expensive chemicals are added at the appropriate time.

    Features include:

    Output: 4-20 mA   Supply Voltage: 15-24 VDC   Power Consumption: 0.45 Watts

    3-A Sanitary Standard Authorized

    Housing: NEMA 6/IP67 enclosure

    Optic Lens: Sapphire   Lens Seal: FDA approved silicone rubber

    Process Connections: 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3" Sanitary Clamp

    Temperature Rating:
    32-212°F (0-100°C) constant
    32-300°F (0-149°C) intermittent

    Body & Connector: 316L stainless steel

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