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Finishing Metering Systems

Additional products listed under Graco-->Finishing and Spray Equipment--> Plural Component file

ProControl 1KE
ProControl 1KS
ProDispense System


  • Informer
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    The Informer In-line Fluid Monitoring Package is a great tool for reducing paint waste, collecting data and improving the finishing process. This easy-to-use fluid monitoring package accurately measures flow rate and the amount of material that passes through a fluid line. An ideal solution for solvent tracking.

    Features include:

    Intrinsically safe AC mounting for hazardous areas or standard AC (100-240 VAC) for non-hazardous areas

    Protect equipment from runaway using maintenance reminders including tank filling

    Easily collect material use data for environmental compliance reports

    Monitor flow rates to identify worn tips on your spray guns or calibration issues - reducing paint waste and cost

    Easy-to-read display is backlit for low light conditions

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