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DeKups Disposable Cup System

DeKups Disposable Cup System


  • DeKups Disposable Cup System
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    DeKups Disposable Cup System with Binks Spray Guns.

    Highlighted features:
    Liner features high collapsibility
    - so all paint is moved through the gun and onto the job
    Positive locking lid
    - will not come detached from the gun while in use
    opening cup lid- no mess during the refill process. Save clean-up time, paint & money
    Self-dispensing packaging- no space restrictions, no need to refill bins

    Wall-mount for easy cup and lid dispensing for less hassle
    9-50% more cup volume with 3 different cup sizes

    Size the cup to the job, wasting less paint, saving more money
    Our 3 oz. cup fits over DPC adapters easily & securely making them an ideal choice for spot repair or spraying at mobile locations 

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