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2 Gallon Solvent Saver

The solvent saver tank flushes your system with significantly less solvent by using our solvent saver tank. By injecting air into your solvent stream you generate turbulence via alternating slugs of solvent and air. This makes for a quicker flush, using less solvent. Comes in 2 gallon size.


  • 2 Gallon Solvent Saver Tank
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    2 Gallon Solvent Saver Tank: Solvent Saver hose/gun cleaner

    Highlighted features:
    Simple, easy-to-use cleaner saves solvent (up to 86% savings)
    Reduces VOC emissions
    Finely atomized blast of solvent travels through the hose and gun fluid passages
    Operated with compressed air, metering permits adjustment of the air/solvent mix, and tanks are equipped with a safety valve

    *Not suitable for use with chlorinated solvents, such as 1,1,1 trichloroethane or methylene chloride

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