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Cable Reels

Cable Reels


  • Series ''S'' Spring-Driven Electric Cable Reels
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    Gleason Series “S” Reels are spring driven electric cable reels designed to be mounted on moving machinery.

    Features include:

    Electric current flows from your power source to the current consumer through the cable you specify

    S-Reels utilize self-contained slip ring assemblies which transfer current to the cable mounted on the rotating spool

    Models for longer travels are fitted with gear assemblies to provide hundreds of application possibilities- 2 to 36 conductors, 30' to 120' for lift, drag and stretch applications (200' for retrieve applications)

    OPTIONAL SLIP RING ENCLOSURES for hazardous area (Class I and Class II), are available on request

    OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES include roller guide, hoop guides (shown installed on reel at right), rotary limit switch, spool lock, ratchet lock assembly (for hand-pull applications only) and swivel base


  • Series ''SM'' Extra-Heavy Duty Electric Cable Reels
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    Series "SM" Reels are specially designed for steel mill and magnet service.

    Features include:

    Heavy 3/8" steel plate, L-shaped frame and 1/4" thick steel spool disks provide added strength

    Oversized re-greasable bearings on both sides of the load-bearing spool are standard

    All models are gear driven

    The heavy-duty collector assembly, rated at 35, 75, 125 or 200 amps, 600vAC or 550vDC features polished copper rings for maximum dependability

    Models for 2 to 36 conductors, cable from 30' to 200' depending on application
    (also used on crane magnets)

  • Series ''MMD'' Mill Duty Electric Cable Reels
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    Series "MMD" Mill Duty Electric Cable Reels are built tough to provide dependable Mill Duty service under adverse conditions.

    Features include:

    Specially designed to operate reliably and safely

    MMD Reels feature "beefed-up" all steel construction, oversized bearings on both sides of the load bearing spool, and a heavy duty shaft

    Four spool diameters, a wide variety of drum diameters

    Either direct or gear driven allow maximum flexibility in specifying the right reel for your application

    Models for 2 to 36 conductors, cable length from 30' to 200'. May also be used for crane magnet applications

    To guarantee minimum downtime, Gleason MMD reels employ externally mounted Safetychange® spring motors and slip rings for simple, fast replacement. Mill duty reels are built with operator and machine safety in mind

  • SHO/TMR Series Reels are designed to provide a low cost solution for long electrical cable horizontal retrieve applications. A horizontal retrieve application is when the reel is mounted on the moving equipment and winds or pays-out cable into a tray or other support. Winding torque is provided by one or more parallel design spring motors.

    Features include:

    All Steel Construction

    Safetychange® Spring cartridges for safe, easy spring changes

    Unitized self-contained slip-ring assemblies

    Positive spool lock for safe, easy cable replacement without removing reel from its mounting

    Available with either random wrap or monospiral wrap spools

    Heavy duty chain drive with tension adjustment

    Simple, quick spring pre-tension design- Parallel spring design

    Dust-tight, watertight chain cases with gasketed and oil bath lubrication

    Retrieve capacities of 350 feet of electric cable at a velocity of 150 ft./min and acceleration of 1.0ft./sec/sec.

  • Cable-Master Reels
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    Gleason Cable-Master Reels give you more for your money because they are ruggedly built and their design has been refined over many years of field use.

    They have either fully automatic or ratchet controlled spring rewind and contain all the features found in any reel in this size range.

    Features include:

    Cable guide with four rollers

    Ratchet lock and 600 volt slip ring

    Fully welded, all steel frame acts as support for all reel components

    All steel, very roomy junction box eases installation

    Available for 3 to 12 conductors, 20' to 70' long cables

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