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Mobile Carts

Mobile Carts


  • Place 'N Pick Shelf Cart
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    Place 'N Pick Shelf Cart are complete kits. Three  12"(305mm) adjustable shelves are available in the following widths: 30"(762mm), 42"(1067mm), 54"(1372mm), or 66"(1676mm). If you want to build a custom cart, frame kits allow you to install 12"(305mm) or 18"(457mm) deep shelves and other accessories like Bin Bars on which to hang bins, electric power strips or air manifolds, even swing arms.


    *Maximum capacity 50 lbs.(22.5 kg) per shelf*

  • Rolling Bin Rack
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    Rolling Bin Rack allows you to hang bin boxes on both sides, position cart in the best place for greatest workplace efficiency and ergonomics. Move easily if task or worker changes. Six bin supports may be positioned at desired heights.

    Sturdy extruded aluminum frame with heavy-duty steel brackets
    Includes six bars for holding bin boxes
    Four locking, swivel casters
    300 lb. max capacity


    *Bin boxes not included*

  • Gravity Feed Rack
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    Gravity Feed Rack is semi-permanent (adjustable glides, not casters) designed for supplying parts bins to work areas. Two conveyor levels each featuring: four roller strips, fully adjustable slope and height. Sturdy steel stops prevent bin run-off. Roller strips supported along entire length by WS30 rail.


    Sturdy extruded aluminum frame with heavy-duty steel brackets

    Adjustable glides, not casters

    300 lb. max capacity

  • Supply 'N Return Gravity Feed Cart
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    Supply 'N Return Gravity Feed Cart consists of 3 adjustable conveyors which supply full bins to assembly area and return empty bins to aisle. Each level may be easily adjusted for optimum slope and spacing. May also be assembled with all three levels sloped toward work area. Adjustable safety yellow bin stops also protect ends of conveyors.


    *Bins not included*


    Sturdy extruded aluminum frame with heavy-duty steel brackets

    18 adjustable roller strips

    300 lb. max capacity

    Locking, swivel casters
    Tough baked polyester finish

    adjustable side guides may be added to keep bins aligned
  • Push 'N Place Workstation
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    Push 'N Place Workstation- maintain flexibility on the plant floor without sacrificing safety and productivity. The Hubbell Workplace Solutions- Push ‘N Place portable workstation, rolls easily on four heavy-duty locking, swivel casters. Constructed of strong extruded aluminum rail, it measures 36" deep and 90" high, including casters. Frame is 44" wide o.c., perfect for under a 5' conveyor section or 60" bench. Tool bar is 60" long and can be fitted with splice angles to adjoin two or more units. Bin Bar, air manifold and balancer trolley with fitting plus 3/8" hose are standard. Frame is finished with beige baked polyester. Workstation Accessories and Swing Arms may be added to further customize unit.

    Included items:

    Balancer trolley with 90ºconnector

    Aluminum Tool Rail

    3/8" Air Line

    Air Manifold

    Adjustable Shelf

    Brackets are matte black

    *Assembly required*
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