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Tool Balancers

Tool Balancers make tools weightless. See variants

Series “ED” Balancers
Series “EG” Reels
Series "EH" Balancer Reels


  • Series "ED" Tool Balancers
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    Reliable & Economical Series “ED” Tool Balancer Reels The economical choice for balancing tools weighing up to 5 lbs (2.3kg). Molded ABS housing has a smooth exterior with rounded edges designed for maximum ergonomic appeal. Series “ED” balancers are the most modern, easiest to adjust, and reliable available. Each balancer incorporates all of the important functions expected of a world class product.

    Seven Ways Better:

    1. Hand-windable spring tension adjustment knob is flush with the housing
    2. Push-button tension release simplifies decrease of spring tension
    3. Rugged steel upper swivel hook with secondary safety cable provision
    4. Over-sized cable opening with direct in-line pull to reduce cable wear270 lb (121.5kg) test 0.047” (1.2mm) dia. 7 x 7 strand galvanized steel aircraft cable nylon covered to 0.063”(1.6mm) O.D.
    5. 270 lb (121.5kg) test 0.047” (1.2mm) dia. 7 x 7 strand galvanized steel aircraft cable nylon covered to 0.063”(1.6mm) O.D.
    6. Adjustable cable stop and lower safety hook
    7. Matte black finish to minimize reflected light and reduce eye strain
  • Series "EG" Heavy-duty Reel
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    Series “EG” Heavy-duty Reels feature rugged steel construction with black polyester baked finish, reinforced hanging bracket with forged clevis for ceiling mounting and extra holes for safety chain attachment. Spring is permanently lubricated and provides constant tension, adjustable for balancing tool in normal working zone (6 - 18 in. [152-457mm]). Cable is 920 lbs (414kg) test 0.09” (2.3mm) dia. 7 x 7 strand galvanized steel aircraft cable nylon covered to 0.12” (3.0mm) O.D.
    Includes safety tool clip and adjustable cable stop.

    LOCKING MODELS include all features listed above plus a positive ratchet lock mechanism to allow locking of the cable at a specific height. A slight pull on the cable releases the lock which functions like a window shade. Lock feature may be disengaged externally when constant tension is required.

  • Series "EH" Extra Heavy-duty Balancer Reels
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    Series “EH” Extra Heavy-duty Tapered Drum Tool Balancers keep tools within reach and reduce damage to tools by suspending them out of the way above the work surface. Risk of repetitive motion injury is reduced because only a light, downward force is required to place the tool in proper operating position. As the tool is lowered, and the spring is wound more tightly, the effective drum diameter increases to compensate for the increased force. Thus, when properly adjusted, the tapered drum keeps the tool at the positioned height.

    Features include:

    Rugged die cast aluminum housing
    Both top and bottom hooks have spring-loaded safety latches
    Heavy duty steel wire rope
    Automatic safety catch prevents free-spooling if springs fail (not available on EH-02/EH-05)
    Easy adjustment with everyday tools from outside housing
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