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Static Discharge Products

About Bonding and Grounding for Static Control
Static electricity can be generated by material processing such as mixing, pouring, pumping, filtering, and agitating. Bonding and grounding equipment and containers can reduce static electricity in your environment and reduce the chance of a static spark igniting flammable vapors. Conductive metal objects such as screens, rims of nonconductive drums, probes, spray nozzles, and high-pressure cleaning equipment can become statically charged.

Bonding systems connect two or more pieces of equipment to keep the same electric potential among them, which prevents static sparking. Grounding systems electrically connect equipment to ground, which prevents equipment from becoming sufficiently charged to cause a static spark.

When the potential for static electricity problems exists, you should always comply with OSHA requirements as outlined in Section 1910.106 and 1910.107 of the OSHA code. NFPA 77 also provides guidance on static electricity. Flammable liquid dispensing should be performed in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws.


  • Enclosed Spool Series "SD"
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    Choice of Grounging Clamps and Plugs
    Automatic PULL Rewinding
    Rugged Steel Construction
    Compact Enclosed Design
    Positive Ratchet Lock with On/Off Switch
    Steel Cable Installed
    Safety Orange Polyester Baked-On Finish
    Cable is 7 x 7 Stranded Stainless Steel
    Cable length to 50' - "Y" configuration also available
  • Heavy-duty Open Spool Series "OSD"
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    Ideal for a wide variety of grounding applications. Available with your choice of cable length and connector, reels include spring rewind, centrifugal brake and ratchet lock (permanent ratchet lock). Cable is 7 x 7 stranded stainless steel with yellow polyester elastomer cover, 5/32" o.d. Reel has safety orange baked polyester finish.

    Open Spool Design

    Cable Lengths to 100 Ft.
    Spring Rewind with Centrifugal Brake
    Rugged Steel Construction
    Choice of Grounding Clamps and Plugs

  • Grounding and Bonding Cables
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    Various clamps and terminals allow a wide variety of uses. All cables are 7 x 19 stranded steel
    Insulated cables have Safety Orange jacket
    Available in several lengths - insulated or non-insulated
    End connectors avail on all cables lengths & types: Hand Clamp, Aircraft Clamp, Alligator Clip, C-Clamp, Grounding Plug & Rings
    For longer reach or “Y”, connect several cables with 1/4" terminal ends
    Stranded cable for maximum flexibility and conductivity

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