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IR Smart Lab Oven

IR Smart Lab Oven would you like to… Cure test panels rapidly? Record and document results? Repeat cure profiles - anytime?

The IR Smart Oven is a patented product (Patent #6,648,486) designed to test your coatings and processes in your own facility. BGK created the IR Smart Oven to provide valuable data to aid in the process development and support of your infrared curing customers. The oven is designed to provide an accurate and repeatable testing environment.

IR Smart Specifications:

Size 43.25" W × 54.81" H × 33.0" D (1099mm×1392mm×838mm)

Weight 425 pounds (193 Kg)

Test Panel Size 10" × 14" (254mm × 356mm) Maximum

Heat Zones Top and Bottom (controlled independently)

Operating Modes Manual o Time/Power o Power/Temp o Time/Temp

Power 480 / 3Ø / 60 Hz o 44 amps o 28 kW (alternate voltages available)

Lamps (24) 1550 T3 Short-Wave o 290 volt

Product Temperature 500°F (high temperature options available)


  • IR Smart Lab Oven
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    Independently Controllable Infrared Heat Zones- For purposes of flexibility, the top and bottom infrared heaters are zoned independently. This is very useful when you need to duplicate a customer's oven that may have top heat only. When testing for optimal cure speeds turn on both top and bottom infrared heaters.

    Accuracy and Repeatability- Repeated testing shows ± 2% variance on temperature. The oven controller maintains oven parameters so that uniform testing can be repeated, accurately. This oven allows you to check coating performance from batch to batch under the exact same infrared conditions.

    Temperature Profile Development- As the coatings industry moves toward accelerated cure schedules, you will be able to duplicate any cure time and temperature that your customers require. The BGK IR Smart Oven will allow you to cure, record, document and make changes to virtually any coating cure parameters.


    Closed Loop Temperature Controls- Rapid response infrared lamps require the speed of optical temperature measurement for consistent heat profiles. BGK has long been a leader in controlling infrared heat sources. Controls are accessed via PLC with an operator interface screen.


    Four modes of Operational Control



    Enter desired % power output for the heaters. The start and stop buttons turn the heaters on and off.



    Enter desired % power output and the desired amount of time. The temperature the panel achieves is the variable (up to 20 steps possible).



    Enter desired % power output and the desired panel temperature. The time it takes the panel to reach temperature is the variable (up to 20 steps possible).



    A PID control algorithm ramps the part temperature to set-point via operator defined maximum power output rate (slow or fast). The power output required to maintain part temperature is the variable (up to 20 steps possible).

    Smart Logger (OPTIONAL)- The IR Smart Oven can be equipped with the Smart Logger. This allows for creation of data files to store and/or print test data.


    Additional Features: Built-in Pyrometer Temperature Sensor (calibration panels included)/ Pre-Mounted Exhaust Blower

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