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IR Ovens

BGK can cure your material with a full range of solutions from IR Ovens to gas catalytic to convection, we have it all. Ovens heat in different ways and outcomes are dependent on part complexity, shape, coating material and finishing process and BGK is your single source provider, used to dry or cure a full range of coating materials including liquid, powder, Teflon wax, UV and adhesives, just to , name a few.


  • IR Ovens
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    BGK IR (Infrared) Ovens serve 3 basic purposes:


    Drying…applied to products that have a lot of moisture, usually introduced by some previously applied chemical or coating process. In drying, the oven moves a constant stream of heated air over the products to take the moisture out


    Baking…technique is applied to heat objects over a period of time w/out drying them out and curing the coating to the part


    Curing…a slower process where an object/compound is heated to give it different properties & alter its molecular structure. IR curing can provide zoned control to meet any finishing requirement/part configuration for optimum performance

    (Contact us to answer any questions you may have regarding infrared)

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