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Gas Catalytic

BGK Gas Catalytic Infrared Ovens- Proving faster process times than convection style ovens resulting in less equipment and floor space.  Gas Catalytic IR ovens can improve quality and consistency of finish for powder or liquid applications.


  • Gas Catalytic
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    BGK offers 2 types of flameless catalytic gas infrared emitters:


    XP Series- explosion-proof emitters and 33% more energy efficient than any competitor

    MP Series- designed for use in non-hazardous applications. The hottest certified catalytic gas emitter on the market

    Highlighted features and benefits:  

    Smart- infrared heats what needs to be heated taking less time & energy to cure a part

    Versatile- can handle a large variety of finishing applications

    Cost effective- provide higher production rates, lower operating cost, while providing high quality parts

    Custom design- each unit is custom designed for your application and specifications

    Controllable- custom engineered control packages offer the ability to precisely control every facet of your production

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