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  • CycleFlo and CycleFlo II
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    CycleFlo and CycleFlo II: Solenoid Pump Controllers- Precise control over pump speed, run time and quantity of product delivered. Graco CycleFlo Controllers are designed to allow various materials to be batched in simultaneously. The microprocessor-controlled batching controllers also run at high fluid pressures, with low flow rates without any downstream regulation.


    Highlighted features:

    Adjustable pump speed (from 10-200 cpm)

    32 programmable presets for cycle adaptability

    Counts strokes or quantity of fluid being discharged
    Ensuring specific, repeatable amount of fluid

    Manual and remote capability

    CycleFlo II is a simpler, more economical alternative
    Adjustable pump speed and remote capability


  • GLC 2200 Controller
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    GLC 2200 Controller: Compact and Versatile for all Automatic Lubrication Systems- Small Size. Big Performance. The GLC 2200 is a workhorse. Designed with user-friendly features and benefits you can really use. Like visual and audible alarms to ensure your equipment is lubricated properly. Now you can make smarter decisions about how you control your equipment. Choose the rugged GLC 2200 controller for in-cab monitoring of any 9-30 VDC system.


    Highlighted features:

    External mounting tabs make it easy to mount w/out having to open the control box

    Monitoring LEDs let you know what your system is doing at a glance

    Easy to read digital display makes it simple to program and monitor your equipment

    In-cab visual/audible alarms let the operator know equipment needs attention

    Set up a remote audible alarm to alert service or maintenance staff

    Color coded wiring harness w/flying leads
    Easy to follow wiring diagrams makes installations efficient

    Protection Grade IP54

  • GLC 4400 Controller
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    GLC 4400 Controller: Multi-purpose controller for automatic lubrication systems- Easily manage your automatic lubrication system. GLC 4400 gives you programmed lubrication cycles for optimal machine performance. Customize your lubrication time, pressure, cycle counts and machine counts for maximum precision and productivity.


    Highlighted features:

    Simple icon- and men-based user interface is easy to setup and operate

    Special operation modes save setup and inspection time

    Rugged and waterproof

    Works w/ single line resistive, single line parallel, series progressive & dual line systems

  • Pneumatic-Electric Lube Sentry Valve
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    Pneumatic/Electric Lube Sentry Valve:  Compressor Lubrication Accessory- The Lube Sentry Valve provides automatic warning and shutdown of compressors, pumps and engines when oil is not flowing properly to primary dividers in series type lube systems.


    Highlighted features:

    Absence of check valves to avoid trapping contamination from included solids

    Bolt-together components simplifying maintenance

    The microswitch assembly on the pneumatic valve can be removed without disturbing existing lines or shutting down the equipment being lubricated

  • Solid State Timer
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    Solid State Timer: Lubrication Controller- Solid-state technology combined with multiple-level protection ensures dependable performance. Exceptional flexibility of settings allows this timer to be used with many types of simple or sophisticated lubrication systems.


    Highlighted features:

    Easy mounting and installation

    Face-mounted LED displays timer status at a glance

    Provides an “on & off cycle”
    “On” periods to meet your specific lubrication system’s requirements

    Built-in memory keeps timer “alive” hrs during power failures/machine shutdown

    Manual run button used to check system integrity/simplify system filling & air purging

    Tamper-resistant design puts cycle setting controls inside the covered case

    Operates on standard 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz input power

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