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Surge Suppressors

Surge Suppressors


  • Surge Suppressors
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    Surge Suppressors: Dampen pump pulsation for consistent finish quality- Reduces pulsation for consistent material delivery and uniform spray pattern. Need to dampen the pressure changes within your system? Graco's surge suppressors are built to meet your needs.


    Highlighted Features:

    Reduces pulsation for consistent material delivery and uniform spray pattern

    Reduces maintenance and charge pressure refills

    Flushes easily, making color changes quick and easy

    Accommodates global system requirements with multiple fluid connection options

    Limits the pressure change of your fluid system

  • ProGuard+
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    ProGuard+: Automatic Voltage Switch- For the protection of Graco electrical equipment against voltage fluctuations.


    ProGuard+ is designed to protect your 240V Graco equipment from damage from inconsistent electrical power. ProGuard+ constantly monitors the supply voltage and disconnects the equipment from the power source to reduce the risk of damage to the equipment from excessive voltage fluctuations (high or low). It automatically resets after a one minute delay when acceptable power is available.

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