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Fluid Heat Transfer Systems


  • Compressed Air Temperature Control
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    The Anti-Condensation Compressed Air Temperature Control System by Saint Clair Systems is a patented approach to keeping turbine air above the dew point. The SCS 2100AH mounts outside the explosion-proof environment and uses water to transfer heat to the associated air heaters located within 3' of the turbine drive air inlet. This temperature control approach eliminates condensation and the problems that it creates!

  • Fluid Process Control and Coil Coating Systems
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    Our coil-coating systems eliminate inconsistencies in manual viscosity measurements and adjustments by controlling viscosity with temperature. Saint Clair Systems has developed methods to measure and analyze, in real time, the temperature of coating material across the width and length of the strip, ensuring consistent film builds from edge-to-edge and head-to-tail. With the ability to control material temperature, you can ensure a stable and repeatable coating viscosity. This allows other process variables, such as roll speeds and nip pressure, to become definable and repeatable, reducing set-up time and scrap.

  • Sealer Systems and Adhesive Systems
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    The SCS Temperature Control Unit (TCU) monitors and maintains material temperature by heating or cooling during adhesive and sealant dispense operations. The TCU circulates closed-loop conditioning water through heat exchangers and ancillary components to ensure proper temperature of the material at the point-of-application. In addition to maintaining the high viscosity of sealers and adhesives, the TCU sealer system & adhesive system accommodates the parameters unique to these applications: frequent heat/cool switching; lower dispense volumes at higher dispense pressure; and temperature control within non-circulating or "dead-end" protective coating systems. SCS makes accurate control in such conditions routine. Also routine are the benefits that come with temperature and viscosity control, including: minimized rework, fewer production-line stoppages, and an improved bottom line.

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