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Heat Exchangers


  • Coaxial Hoses for Limited Motion Point-of-Use Applications
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    Coaxial HosesDesigned for limited motion point-of-use applications, our coaxial hoses surround the material path with temperature controlled water to create a flexible tube-in-tube heat exchanger.The photos at left show our proprietary hose block design, available in single core and duplex designs (for 2K applications). Both have provisions for a temperature sensor at the outlet of the hose to measure and control material temperature.

  • Recorable Coaxial Hose Heat
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    Re-Corable Coaxial Hose Heat Exchanger The pictures to the left shows our patented point of application Re-Corable Coaxial Hose Heat Exchanger used in production for validation testing. It is also a tube-in-tube heat exchanger design which allows temperature control to be added without any change in the existing material flow path.The system is flexible enough to use in robotic or manual operations and provides temperature control all the way to the gun.

  • SOFLEX Whip Hose
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    The patented SOFLEX™ Whip Hose is a variation of the Water Traced Hose Cover. Lightweight, soft, and very flexible, the SOFLEX™; Whip Hose is ideal for high motion robotic or manual applications. The SOFLEX™Whip Hose point-of-use product is adaptable to virtually all hose types and sizes and therefore can be used with most all adhesive, sealing, and coating materials.

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