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  • LabPak Viscometer
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    The Norcross LabPak Viscometer is a simple to use mechanical device which utilizes a piston to measure time-of-fall up to 20 seconds, with accuracy to within .01 second. Capable of measuring changes in viscosity as small as 0.02 CPS, depending upon the water – or solvent – based liquids being measured, it displays viscosity in ""Norcross Seconds"" Time-Of-Fall. Featuring a removable sleeve that accommodates samples down to 6ml, as well as larger samples in beakers, the Norcross LabPak Viscometer consists of all stainless steel wetted parts and open rod construction. Easy to clean, this laboratory viscometer works under atmospheric pressure, has a 3-way 24 VDC air valve, and requires 40 psi dry air and 100/240 VAC.

  • Norcross Cup
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    The Norcross Cup is an efflux test cup designed for manually measuring the viscosity of hotter, thicker fluids than conventional Zahn or Shell cups. Featuring internal timing pins, a user simply dips the cup into any fluid up to 50,000 cps, regardless or temperature, and then measures the time it takes for the fluid to drain from pin to pin, rather than from the bottom. Measuring laminar flow instead of the turbulent of transitional flow out the cup's bottom, the Norcross Cup is available with several different hole sizes to correspond with various viscosity ranges. Suitable for use with hot fluids, it is made of brass and stainless steel, and has a brass chain to permit measurements in awkward positions under pipes and equipment.

  • P-205iA
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    FANUC Robotics’ P-250iA series paint robots offer the industry’s best solution for your large and mid-size painting needs. In addition to providing the industry’s best work envelope and motion performance, they offer many features that enable maximum throughput, optimal quality, and low operating costs. The P-250iA is designed for efficient process equipment integration with features such as a hollo wrist, an option for two motors on the outer arm for gear pumps, an outer arm designed for easy integration of paint application equipment and multiple hose routing options. The P-250iA is available in both the P-250iA /15™ full-size arm and mid-size arm P-250iA /10S™ to right size the robo for the application. The robot can also be mounted for elevated, in-booth and clean wall floor style rails. This flexibility provides maximum use of the product in a variety of applications. An excellent replacement for manual sprayers and older automation, the P-250iA robot (with optional rail solutions) provides a reach that gives process flexibility to maintain precise target distances and gun orientations over the largest of parts – maximizing quality.

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