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Viscosity Sensors


  • Inline PH Sensor
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    The Norcross In-Line pH Sensor installs directly in a fluid line to monitor pH and incorporates a transmitter which converts its mV signal to 4-20 mA for transmission to a controller. Featuring a flat tip probe with a glass insert, this sensor has a patented integral reservoir which traps fluid to keep the probe tip wet during job changes and prevent drying out; a problem which often reduces or destroys the effectiveness of conventional sensors. Suitable for any process where pH is an important parameter to be measured and controlled, the Norcross In-Line pH Sensor can be used with the firm’s VISC and MP-2000 controllers which let operators establish a pH set-point and automatically add amine or other ingredients as required. Applications include many liquid chemical processes such as water-based printing inks, food production, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing

  • M8B Viscosity Sensor
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    Useful in solvent-based applications such as starch, paints, coating and epoxy, the M8B Viscosity Sensor features a sturdy measuring tube that supports tank depth of up to 72”.

  • M10 Viscosity Sensor
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    The Norcross M10 Viscosity Sensor uses the proven ""piston time-of-fall"" method for measuring viscosities from 0.1 to 1000,000 CPS, operates from vacuum to 7 Bar and has a 2"" 150# ASA mounting flange. A suitable replacement for manual viscosity measurement techniques, it can be used in conjunction with a PLC to provide automatic sampling and process control. Featuring all 316 stainless steel wetted parts, the Norcross M10 Viscosity sensor can be equipped with 12 different size piston rods for installation in tanks from 305 mm up to 3660 mm deep. Designed for suspensions or solutions, this highly sensitive sensor is capable of detecting the difference in the viscosity of boiling water (0.294 CPS) and ambient water (1.06 CPS).

  • M51 INline Viscometer
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    Use the M51 Viscosity Sensor with either solvent or water-based applications, such as printing fluid, glue and adhesives. This Inline Sensor mounts directly in the fluid line and can be used with any Norcross Viscosity Controller.

  • MXBO Viscosity Sensor
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    This In-Tank Viscosity Sensor is good for open tanks between 10” and 24”. CE and ATEX compliant, the MXBOC Viscosity Sensor can be used in water-based and solvent-based applications.

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