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  • Pressure Gauges
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    Process Gauges Solid Front, blow-out back safety gauges well suited for most process requirements.
    450 Series
    Solid Front Field Liquid Fillable Turret Case

    Industrial Gauges
    Accurate and durable gauges for a broad spectrum of industrial needs.
    500X Series
    Dial Sizes thru 12" Cast Aluminum Case

    575SS Field Test Gauge
    NIST Traceable Certification Chrome Plated Case

    700 Series
    Field Liquid Fillable Stainless Steel Case

    D80 Series
    Dry or Liquid Filled Stainless Steel Case

    Liquid Filled Forged Brass Case

    Commercial & Contractor Gauges

    Compact and dependable gauges used by construction and HVAC industries.
    600CB Cast Aluminum Case

    610CB Glass Filled Nylon Case
    620B Stainless Steel Case
    690 Series Multiple Stainless Steel Case Styles
    Utility Gauges Economically priced gauges suited for a variety of general applications.
    800B Series Dry Black Finished Steel Case
    800LFB Liquid Filled Plastic Case
    Test Gauges For Gas or Water Service

    Specialty Gauges
    Products designed to meet the needs of specialized industrial markets, including low-pressure gas, sanitary and remote reading applications.
    Low Pressure Gauge Black Finished Steel Case
    765B / 766SS
    Low Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel Case
    750 Series
    Solid Front Field Liquid Fillable Stainless Steel
    Sanitary Gauge with Integrated Diaphragm Seal
    Industrial Transmitter Gauge
    Special Application Ranges
    Pressure Gauge Options & Accessories
    Enhancements to customize and optimize pressure
    gauge performance, along with the necessary
    accessories to complete any installation.
    Optional Case Styles

      Optional Features

    870 Series Impulse Dampeners
    872 Series Pressure Snubbers
    885 Series Coil Syphons
    735/740 Series Needle Valves
    866 Series Ball Valve
    865/880 Series Gauge Cocks
    Test Plug Accessories
    Diaphragm Seals
    Design & Operation
    Protective devices that isolate a pressure sensing instrument from the process fluid being monitored. Especially useful when measuring corrosive or viscous pressure mediums.
    In-Line Threaded
    Drop-in Welded
    Mini & Compact
    Options & Accessories
  • Regulators and Control Valves
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    The Control Loop The necessary components to provide basic, single-loop process control Temperature Regulators Design & Operation Provide reliable temperature control without the need for an external power source. 91000 Series (91000, 91400, 91600) Thermowells for 91000 Series Thermal System Selection for 91000 Series Valve Bodies for 91000 & 91400 Valve Bodies for 91600 91000XT Series Tank Thermostat Pressure Regulators Design & Operation Suitable for a variety of pressure regulating and pressure reducing applications. 921 Series (High Capacity) 988 Series (Steam) Discontinued see 995 Series 1002 Series (Water) Discontinued see 995 Series 995 Series (Steam, Water, Air, Oil) 1100 Series (Pipeline Strainer) Controllers Design & Operation Electronic PID and Electric Contact controllers providing single-loop control. TR890 Series Electronic PID Controller L84000 SeriesElectronic Contact Controller Thermal System Selection for L84000 Thermowells for L84000 Controller Accessories Products required for the design and installation of a complete control loop. Solenoid Valve (960 Series) I/P Transducer (TA901) Air Filter / Regulator (TA987) Solid State Relay (TA600) Enclosure (TA302) Temperature Sensors (RTD & Thermocouple) Thermowells for Temperature Sensors Control Valves Design & Operation Pneumatic and Electric operated valves, available in a variety of body materials including Bronze, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel. Control valves are the final element of a control loop. 910 Series Compact Control Valve 910 Valve Body � Bronze (Single Seat) 910 Valve Body � Bronze (Double Seat) 910 Valve Body � Cast Iron (Double Seat) 910 Valve Body � Cast Steel (Single Seat) 910 Valve Body � Stainless Steel (Single Seat) 910TB Valve Body � Bronze 910TB 3-Way Valve � Bronze 910TB 3-Way Valve � Cast Iron 910TB 3-Way Valve � Stainless Steel 910EPA & 910EPC Valve Body � Bronze (Equal Percentage) 940 Series � Heavy-Duty Control Valve 940 Valve Body � Bronze (Single Seat) 940 Valve Body � Cast Iron (Single Seat) 940 Valve Body � Cast Iron (Double Seat) 940 Valve Body � Stainless Steel (Single Seat) 940 3-Way Valve � Bronze 940 3-Way Valve � Cast Iron 940 3-Way Valve � Stainless Steel 940E Series � Electric Motor Control Valve 940E Valve Body � Bronze (Single Seat) 940E Valve Body � Cast Iron (Single Seat) 940E Valve Body � Cast Iron (Double Seat) 940E Valve Body � Stainless Steel (Single Seat) 940E 3-Way Valve � Bronze 940E 3-Way Valve � Cast Iron 940E 3-Way Valve � Stainless Steel Technical Information
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