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Cartridge Filling Equipment


  • 30 50ML Indexing Bottom up Fillter
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    Built on a 2ft.X3ft. work table, this indexing 30/50 ml filling system can speed up the filling process and achieve up to 12 cartridges per minute. Auto-filling on a speed-adjustable indexing system and semi-manual plunger inserter with two positive-displacement material meters. The meters may be gravity feed with low viscosity materials or pump feed with heavier materials. Always clean and accurate filling.
  • 3ML Dual Cartridge
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    This system has a gravity feed plunger magazine that holds 35 plungers for automatic plunger insertion. The filler is setup to run 14 syringes per minute. The material is dispensed using two small snuffback dispense valves to eliminate any dripping and the possibility of cross contamination. Two Filling Solutions positive-displacement shot meters deliver the correct amount of material into the syringe.
  • Bottle Filler
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    We also have the capability to build single component bottle and small container filling systems designed to your needs.

    This simple bottle filler can be programmed to fill nine different size bottles down to 25ml, and can also fill 5gal pails. Single palm button operation makes it an easy operation. Using AW-Lake monitor system, it gives the correct amount every time. This type of filler can be used for many types of fluids, creams, gels and pastes and can be configured for most any container.
  • JS 2 50ML Cartridge Filling System
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    If you are filling 50ml cartridges, this system will do the job. Set up for ease of use and mounted on a 3ft.X2ft. work table, this filler is built on the same design as the JS-2 Standard. Comes with a manual piston inserter. The filler is ideal for low to medium production needs. Fills 50ml cartridges one at a time as fast as you can pump your material clean and easy.
  • JS 2 G3 Standard Filling Station
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    Designed to fill most all open-nose 2-component cartridges from 25ml syringe style to 750 ml ratio-pak, in any combination. This machine is versatile and easy to use, and will fill both snap-together and one-piece molded cartridges. The JS-2-G3 will fill cartridges as fast as you can pump your material. Average filling time on a 1500ml (750X750) cartridge using 1:1 diaphragm pumps and low viscosity polyueria / urethane is 15-30 seconds.

    This Filler is ideal for Ratio-Pak cartridges of all sizes and manufactures.
    Our new JS-2-G3 will now fill 25ml 1:1syringe style and 50ml 1:1/2:1.
    New push button control panel for easy setup and operation.
    Our latest nozzle technology is fully adaptable to most any cartridge.
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