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Hennecke Series Lines

Hennecke Series Lines


  • Ecoplus
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    Compact high-pressure metering machines for a wide range of standard applications

    With ECOPLUS, polyurethane processors rely on a powerful and compact machine system for the efficient high-pressure metering of polyurethane which also saves on raw materials. The fact that over 500 units have been sold worldwide in the last 10 years speaks for itself. The series is manufactured by HENNECKE-OMS at the Verano Brianza site near Milan. When developing the ECOPLUS, the Italian PU experts primarily focused on providing simple and intuitive configuration of all machine parameters. This is particularly beneficial to those who are new to high-pressure polyurethane processing and makes the ECOPLUS an ideal alternative to low-pressure systems and their system-related disadvantages. The metering line of the ECOPLUS is available in 1:1 or 2:1 variants and has - depending on the machine version - a discharge capacity of 6l/min up to 180l/m. The mixing takes place via a self-cleaning high-pressure ECOMIX Y2K series mixhead which is also a well-established HENNECKE-OMS product. In addition, an innovative automation system is based on S7 Siemens components. For users, this guarantees not only reliable operation, but also worldwide service and parts availability. The sum of the individual parts makes the machine system a cost-efficient solution for an extremely wide range of conceivable applications in the areas of cold-curing flexible foam, compact systems, filling foam, integral foams, energy-absorbing foams and rigid insulating foam. Within the HENNECKE GROUP, the ECOPLUS is distributed exclusively through the HENNECKE GmbH portfolio of high-pressure metering machines.



  • Impact Series
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    The IMPACT series from HENNECKE-OMS

    Robust and reliable low-pressure metering machines for a broad spectrum of applications in polyurethane processing

    The IMPACT series plant concept demonstrates the extensive expertise of HENNECKE-OMS in the production of polyurethane foaming machines. In developing these machines, we focused our knowledge on the needs of our customers. The modern low-pressure system is tailored to meet users' diverse needs in the low-pressure processing of polyurethane raw materials. Thanks to a fully graphical Siemens display screen, the compact low-pressure metering machines provide an intuitive and user-friendly configuration of the machine parameters, status displays and casting times. During development of the IMPACT machines, particular emphasis was put on simplifying and effectively reducing maintenance times. When selecting a suitable stirrer, we make it easy for our customers: The entire IMPACT series relies on the robust and reliable ULTIMIX low-pressure stirrer mixheads. As well as ensuring that the reactive components are homogeneously mixed, the reactive mixer allows other components such as colours or catalysts to be added directly into the mixing chamber.



  • Microline
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    High-pressure metering machine for precisely metering small outputs

    By opting for a MICROLINE, users will benefit from a two-component high-pressure foaming machine for precisely metering very small outputs ranging from 2.5 g/s to 130 g/s. The machine design and the major part of the modules are based on the successful TOPLINE high-pressure metering machines. MICROLINE systems are perfectly suited for PU casting and spraying applications. Most typically, the compact metering machine is used in the automotive industry or spray skin applications within the advanced PUR-CSM technology. Adapted to your process parameters, MICROLINE comes with extensive standard equipment right from the factory, including frequency-controlled motors, component temperature control and an intuitive touch-screen control system.



  • Topline
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    Modular high-pressure metering machines for countless applications

    Globally, several thousand HK machines are successfully in use in almost all fields of application. The machine concept of the TOPLINE series comprises a sophisticated arrangement of the individual units, top-quality, first-class components, an ultramodern and user-friendly control system and state-of-the-art mixhead technology. The current TOPLINE generation is equipped with an intelligently revised machine concept and optimized standard features. PU processors can thus cover a variety of applications without having to compromise at all in terms of quality. But it is not only the improved range of performance which means it makes sense to enter the top league in PU processing - The consistent modular design of the TOPLINE series also offers more long-term flexibility, for example when the production is later extended or combined with any other plant.



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