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Metering Valves

Metering Valves


  • The Cartridge Chamber Metering Valve is based on a special principle. The metering chamber is an exchangeable cartridge contained within an aluminium valve body. There are cartridges available with a defined volume of 0,25, 1,00 and 10,00 cm³. The volumetric output is infinitely adjustable between its limits. Speed of metering depends on the material viscosity and the material pressure. Adjusting the metering volume can be achieved easily by simply changing the metering cartridge.

    Metering volume: 0.025 - 10 cm³

    Cartridge: 0.25 / 1.0 / 10 cm³
    Product Features
    Metering volume infinitely adjustable
    Valve body made of aluminium
    Capable of withstanding high pressure
    Snuff back effect
    Pneumatic control
    Solenoid valve plate
    Double initator receptacle: Monitoring the stroke needle position
    Technical Specifications
    Metering volume / Shot, cm Material input pressure in bar 
    (minimum maximum) Weight approx. kg
    0.025 - 0.25 40 - 100 1.00
    0.050 - 1.00 20 - 150 1.00
    0.500 - 10.00 6 - 150 1.00
  • Filling: The valve is in the initial position when the control pressure applied on the compressed-air connection. The valve needle in the control valve is in the upper position, thus closing the material outlet. The material access to the metering chamber is open. The material enters the control valve by means of the material pressure and flows into the metering chamber. Due to the contact surface of the piston, the piston executes an upward stroke. The metering chamber fills up automatically to the pre-defined volume. Metering: Material is metered when the compressed-air connection of the valve is charged with compressed air. The valve needle executes a downward stroke, thus closing the material access to the metering chamber. The material outlet opens. The material pressure has an effect on the piston step, which enters the metering chamber and feeds the material to the material outlet. An accurate metering volume is discharged. The snuff back effect carried out during the refilling, prevents the material from dripping after metering is finished. Product Features Valve body made of aluminium High maximum working pressure Snuff back effect Pneumatic or electric operation Options Solenoid valve plate Stainless steel version Fine adjustment Initator receptacle: Monitoring the metering piston position Manual handle with trigger for pneumatic or electric operation Technical Specifications Metering volume / Shot, cm³ Material input pressure in bar (Minimum - Maximum) Weight approx. kg 0.050 - 0.50 15 - 150 0.50 0.100 - 3.00 15 - 150 0.60 0.500 - 12.00 15 - 150 1.95 5.000 - 100.00 15 - 150 4.10
  • Needle metering valves are used for processing low to high viscosity media. The valve consists of two separated parts. This separation means that it is not possible for any leaking material to flow into the actuating air cylinder that might otherwise cause a malfunction of the valve. The needle is sealed by means of an adjustable packing set (Metering volume: 0.001 - 3.0 cm3). Product Features Adjustable metering volume High-precision, repeatable metering Low maintenance packing, extending valve life Air-gap separation between wetted parts and air cylinder High speed cycle time, up to two shots per second Pneumatic control Options Solenoid valve plate Wetted parts made of stainless steel Valve seat and needle made of tungsten carbide for processing abrasive materials Stroke detection Manual handle with trigger or foot pedal for pneumatic or electric operation Universal holder for adjusting the valve in height and depth Technical Specifications Metering volume / Shot, cm³ Material input pressure in bar (minimum - maximum) Weight approx. kg 0.001 - 0.01 3 - 20 0.25 0,003-0,20 3-20 0,75 0,003-0,20 3-50 0,75 0,020 - 0.40 3 - 20 1.40 0.050 - 1.00 3 - 20 1.40 0.100 - 3.00 3 - 20 1.40
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