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Background/Current Situation
A customer is stuggling to safely remove a 300# battery from the bottom of a hybrid vehicle. They have a pneumatic lift cart, but the compressible air within the cylinder is allowing the battery armitage to “bounce” when the weight is first applied. The maintenance manager has exausted all potential solutions with the cart and has called PRP to evaluate a conversion to hydraulic.





The complicated pneumatic controls were completely removed and replaced with a very simple hydraulic, manually actuated valve, 2-gallon reservoir, and a Graco Fireball 5:1 pump.

The first attempt, used hydraulic hoses and components sized similarly to the pneumatic. This, although eliminating the “bounce” condition, resulted in a much slower up/down movement of the battery cradle. The issue then became how to allow fast movement up and down, yet still allow very slow, controlled, safe movement when maneuvering under the battery. It was beginning to seem impossible to find one, simple valve that would allow both. Aron’s solution was two valves, plumbed in parallel. Both valves could be opened to allow fast movement, then only one used when the movement needed to be slow.