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Background and Solution
A pilot plant was using two 5-gallon sealer pumps to dispense LASD (liquid applied sound deadener) material on all of their pilot builds. One pump dispensed LASD while the second was used as a flush pump to flush water through the lines and the end of the applicator to keep material from hardening. The problem was that it was difficult to raise and lower the ram every time they needed to flush, the pump was also slow, and the whole operation was cumbersome.

The 5 gallon ram was replaced with a  28:1 Merkur airless pump assembly and was piped directly into a 30 gallon drum with a city water feed line.

The plant can now easily flush the LASD from the lines and applicator in less time, using less water, and using less labor to handle the 5 gallon pail of water. The plant has estimated that this saves 5 hours per week in labor.