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New and improved angled agitator bracket to improve mixing in the tank

Picture of outdated pump technology and some of the mess involved

A local automotive manufacturer has been using the Graco President 3:1 pumps for paint transfer from bulk storage totes to mix tanks for many years, spending an excessive amount of money on repair parts on breakdowns. These pumps were designed to run only when the mix tank level calls for more paint, but the plant was using these pumps to continuously circulate paint at 20-30 cycles per minute to help agitate the paint. The recommended cycle rate for these pumps is 12 cycles per minute.

PRP recommended that they install an air operated double diaphragm Husky pump in the President's place and eliminate it all together. We then installed new electric agitators mounted on custom angled mounts to increase the turnover in the tank. We eliminated the plants need to run the transfer pump continuously.

The change to a Husky AODD pump brought the plant up to date with what the rest of the industry uses for paint transfer. The upgrade has eliminated the costly repairs to the President pumps, all while reducing the usage of compressed air in the paint mix room.

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