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Our customer was tasked with a creating a way to fill aluminum extrusions with foam. The extrustion length made it difficult to get foam all the way through the length of the extrusion. The Graco P2 Probler gun with a streaming tip was the proper solution, but the HFR metering system that was feeding the gun required a start shot signal to fire, but the P2 did not have this capability.

An automatic P2 Probler gun was chosen, along with the MD2 electric trigger handle. This utilized the trigger signal to be sent back to the HFR and actuation the custom solenoid to fire the gun. This also allowed us to utilize the HFR's shot mode capability for various extrusion designs and lengths.

The HFR was able to do measured shotes and record data on these shots for the lab environment it was being used in, so that it could be replicated in the field.