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A local assembly plant uses a piggable paint system to paint special order and special color vehicles. The existing system was outfitted with a Wagner Unica 4-270 4.5:1 diaphragm pump. As you can see from the photos, they were having problems with the pump diaphragms blowing and paint leaking all over the floor. They typically got a month or two of run time out of the Wagner pumps before they failed. This affected production and required costly repairs.

We recommended that they install a new Graco EnduraFlo 4D350 4:1 diaphragm pump. This pump is designed for piggable systems and has a number of benefits sucha s a compact design with a 20 pound weight reduction from earlier models, redesigned diaphragms that last longer, multiple mounting configurations, quicker and cleaner flush between color changes, easily accesible air valve and option for DataTrak allowing for automated reporting, pump runaway control, and diagnostics for maintenance.

We put the pump online and since then it is the only pumping system that they have used for all special colors. The system can handle 4 pumps, and the plant is currently upgrading the other 3 systems and will be running EnduraFlo's exclusively. The piggable pump room has also stayed much cleaner. The plant will also be upgrading to the DataTrak option so that they can monitor the pump cycles and set runaway controls

Image of leaking pumps prior to pump upgrades

Image of cleaner set up with upgraded pump assemblies