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Filter Assembly with Indicator Gauges and Air Purge Port

Customer was dispensing an RTV silicone gasketing material, and the nature of the material was to react with air and skin over; creating a potental to get hardened material into the fluid stream, potentially clogging the Graco PCF closed loop metering sysetm. The hardened material had been shown to plug the regulator cartridge on the PCF fluid plate. A quick (and cheap!) fix, but one that was easily avoidable.

A 3B high pressure sealer filter assembly with a stainless steel 60 mesh element was installed. We used this filter with inlet and outlet pressure gauges for an easy indication on the need for an element change, and an air purge port for when this change needs to happen.

The customer is having more consistent uptime, and less downtime to fix any issues relating to this problem, due to our equipment removing the unexpected contaminants. They are also now able to plan their maintenance on thy system using the indicator gauges installed with the filter assembly.